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        Welcome to the Elite Global Gaming Football (EGGF)! This Constitution has everything you need to know to understand the rules of the league and have a successful career here in the EGGF. If you have any questions, please direct them to a Staff Member. We hope you enjoy a long career here and find our league a fun and competitive place to play FIFA. Again, we welcome you!  - 

League Founder/President

2.1    The roster size is 14 players plus the Owner. The starting salary cap per team is $200 million dollars.

2.2         Each player’s beginning value is $10,000,000.

2.3         A team must have a minimum of 6 players to play a game. You must now play with an ANY, and a live Goalkeeper. Teams will NOT use a 5-back formation, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you don't play both an ANY and a live GK... it's an automatic forfeit

2.3a         You have fifteen minutes to back out of the game. If you can't identify that an any or GK is missing and you are still in past ten minutes. The game result will COUNT. A forfeit will not be accepted if you play past ten minutes..

2.4         Each team will have an Owner and up to 2 Assistant Managers.

2.5        An Owner or Assistant Manager must be present for each game or it will be an automatic forfeit.

2.6         Playing with an ANY is now MANDATORY.

2.7         The minimum amount allowed on the roster to maintain a team is 8 players.

2.8          League game days & times will be as follows: XBOX ONE LEAGUE Friday & Saturday and Sunday. Times Friday and Saturday 8:00 and 8:30 and 9:00 PM EST and Sunday 6:00 6:30 and 7:00 PM EST

2.9        During the regular season, the Transfer Window will be closed till mid-season and re-open for one week. Then there will be a secondary transfer window about a week before the season ends.

2.10     If you step down as owner, you will be banned for the remainder of the current season if you don't find a suitable replacement. There will only be special exceptions made like for life changing events which can be verified.

2.11      Anyone who is found to be using a proxy server will be banned immediately. This is to maintain the integrity of the website.

2.12      GamerTags In Profile –All GamerTag changes must be done and posted in the GamerTag Change thread ONE HOUR before scheduled games in order for the player to be eligible for play that game day. This includes updating their profile display name to read exactly like their GamerTag, whether it is new or existing.  A PLAYER'S GAMERTAG MUST MATCH THE NAME APPEARING FOR THEM ON THEIR TEAM'S ROSTER. IF A PLAYER IS USED IN ANY EGGF GAME THAT IS DEEMED INELIGIBLE DUE TO A GAMERTAG CHANGE IT IS AN AUTOMATIC FORFEIT.

2.13        Everyone has opinions. We want to respect them all. However, please make sure that any opinion you post in a public forum like the shout box or and open thread is appropriate. If you have something of a more personal nature to say, then you need to say it in a private message to the individual you wish to address. Punishment, including but not limited to game suspensions or bans, may be handed down depending on the infraction. Be respectful!

2.13a         Everyone has opinions and we must be mindful of everyone's feelings. With that being said no tampering of a game will be tolerated. Please do not send messages to other team members, or stating anything that would be offensive. Also please do not send any messages that could affect an outcome of a game. This violation will be taken seriously, and will lead with a minimum 1 game suspension.

2.14         All Staff Members are volunteers who work freely to make this league a success. Attacks on Staff in the shout box or any public thread will NOT be tolerated. Staff will speak to our members respectfully and we expect the same courtesy in return. Any violation of this rule will result in a fair punishment to be determined by the Vice President's of the League. If there is a deciding vote needed on punishment the tie breaking vote will be decided by EGG President

3.1     Owners/managers who are looking to trade a player should use the Trade Block in the Management Area of the website. This area is only visible to Owners and Assistant Managers. The player being discussed may only be approached with the permission of the selling owner. It is PROHIBITED to share information from the Management Area in the shoutbox or anywhere else. The penalty for violating this rule is as follows: 1st Occurrence - $50,000,000; 2nd Occurrence - $100,000,000; 3rd Occurrence will result in Loss of Ownership

3.2      Verbal trade agreements mean nothing! The only time a transaction is recognized as FINAL is once it is posted in the appropriate section and accepted by both of the involved parties. Once a trade is finalized it cannot be reversed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.3     There is a designated section for players to post their availability to tryout. This Free Agent Pool section is for players only. If team management is caught posting about their specific team tryout in the free agent pool, there will be a $10,000,000 fine imposed per occurrence.

3.4      There is a section for management to advertise open tryouts for their clubs. These tryouts should be posted in the Team Scouting Combine section.

3.5       Only an Owner/Assistant Manager can put in for a player to be straight released from the roster. Regardless of how much was paid for the player, the team only recovers $10,000,000 if the choice is made to release the player.

3.6       BUY OUT CLAUSES-- available at the owners consent.. (EX Im your MGR and I would like to put a 200 million buy out clause on Player A this means I could do without you on the squad but I am not willing to let you go for anything less than 200mill. If someone ponies up that amount I am FORCED to give you up as a player. However if I do not wish to put a buyout clause on the player, then you cannot get bought from the other team without the owners consent during a transfer window. If a buyout clause is in effect the transfer will not go through till the following transfer window

4.1          Players are allowed to be loaned to another team. The calculation for the cost of the loan is as follows: player’s salary divided by the total # of regular season games = per game cost of loan. The salary cap of the borrowing team would be charged the per game cost for the number of games they wish to use the player. This season we will be allowing half season and full season loans. Loans can be executed outside the transfer window.

4.2          If a player is out on LOAN they cannot play against the team that LOANED THEM OUT.

5.1        Player trade requests should be your last resort, not your first option as the results can be less than desirable. It is mutually beneficial to you and your owner to try and work out a transfer to a team of your choice rather than you posting. Player trade requests will only be honored when the transfer window is open  

5.2           Once you post a Player Trade Request it CANNOT be cancelled for any reason.

5.3          Once you put in a player trade request from a team, you CANNOT be signed back with that team during the same season under any circumstances, even if you return to the Free Agent Pool from the player trade request area.

5.4         Just because you post a Player Trade Request does not give you control over where you are to be traded. Your owner has TOTAL CONTROL over where you go. This is why it is best to  maintain good communication with your owner throughout.

5.5           If you create a thread in the Player Trade Request area and post ANYTHING, your clock will start. It does not matter if you were playing around, or did not want a trade, or anything else. If you do not want to be traded, the DO NOT POST IN THIS AREA.

5.6           Once a player trade request is posted it cannot be rescinded. Once the transfer window opens the owner has till the end of the transfer window to move the player if he does not the player will be re-entered into the mid-season bidding, or the end of season supplemental bidding. If the player is not moved after the mid-season bidding, or the end of season supplemental bidding. The player will be considered a free agent and will have a cap value of $75,000,000 and have a choice of what team he goes to. The player will have (8) hours once the bidding is over to decide what team the player wants to go to. The player must contact the EGG President  via the website to be added to the roster of the players choosing.

5.7           A player is only allowed ONE Player Trade Requests in a Season. If you post a second request, you will be suspended for the remainder of the season. A player is only allowed to be moved ONCE during a signing window. Which means if he is traded or moved from one team or another he cannot be moved till the next window.

6.1            As per Section 2.3, you must have a minimum of (6) players to play a game.

6.1a            A player is required to play wherever an owner or assistant manager requires them to play. If they refuse to do so please send staff a message stating the player, and the time, and what position he refused to play. An investigation will follow. If this is deemed true it will be a 2 game suspension for the first offence, a 3 game suspension for the 2nd offense and a 5 game suspension for the 3rd offense. Any other offenses can lead to a season banning that will be decided by the Vice President's who will have the final say.

6.2          As per Section 2.5, an Owner or Asst. Manager must be present for your team or you will automatically forfeit 1-0. (NOTE: No stats get entered for forfeits)

6.3            As per Section 2.6, playing with an ANY is NOW MANDATORY .

6.4            Custom formations and tactics are allowed.

6.5       Any team that uses permanently banned players in any sort of game, even practices, will be fined as follows: 1st Occurrence - $100,000,000; 2nd Occurrence - $150,000,000; 3rd Occurrence will result in Loss of Ownership. If it is a temporary ban, then you can practice with the player but they will not be eligible for league play until the ban expires.

6.6        Goalkeeper Contact Rules – There is no penalty for incidental contact. Players are NEVER ALLOWED to block the goalkeeper during gameplay. Punishment for violating this rule shall be a 3-game suspension for the player in violation and a $25,000,000 fine against the salary cap of his team. All video evidence must be sent to a member of Senior Staff for review within 24 - hours or it will be considered a dead issue.

6.7         Set Piece Glitches – These are strictly prohibited. Any form of glitches to include black screens or created set pieces that freeze and stop a game will result in an automatic forfeit, a $25,000,000 fine, and a one game suspension for the owner of that team which will be imposed the following game. NO EXCEPTIONS!

6.8            Goalkeeper Behavior – Goalkeepers CANNOT do rainbow flicks and catch the ball, or kick the ball to a defender then call it back and catch it to waste time. Punishment for violating this rule is an automatic forfeit, the goalkeeper is suspended for the next 3 games and the team is fined $25,000,000.

6.9             No abuse of time will be tolerated! This means you are not allowed to run into the corner and go back and forth. There is a huge difference between killing time and playing possession. Complaints of violating this rule will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with video evidence only. The punishment for violating this rule is a one game suspension for the Owner and all Assistant Managers of the guilty team making their next game an automatic forfeit.

6.10          Any Owner/Assistant Manager who allows a player with a GamerTag that violates Section 2.12 to play in a league game will automatically forfeit that game. Video or photo evidence must accompany requests to enforce this rule unless a staff member is in the game and witnesses it.

6.11               Stats are required to be entered NO LATER than EIGHT hours after the last game on all VPSA game nights unless otherwise specified .  The penalty for not doing so is as follows: 1st Offense - $25,000,000; 2nd Offense - $50,000,000; 3rd Offense - $75,000,000; 4th or Subsequent Offense $100,000,000 and/or possibility of removal as owner.

6.12           Game Connections And Lagging Out - When attempting to establish a game connection, theHome Team gets three (3) attempts to connect.  If no good connection can be established, then the Away Team gets three (3) attempts.  If it is determined by both owners/managers to be an EA issue, then the game will be rescheduled.  
-A team has the option to back out of a match before the 10th minute if any of the following happens:
-A team member lags out.
-The game chat is glitched leaving players unable to communicate. (IF THIS SPECIFIC SITUATION OCCURS YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING TO FIX IT IN THIS ORDER)
After backing out due to game chat glitch follow these instructions to fix the issue.
-1st - All team members must leave any party that they are in.
-2nd - Press the xbox home button to take you to home screen, highlight Fifa 17– hit start and go to “quit”
-3rd - Restart Fifa  and do NOT join any parties.
Once you get in the lobby you should be able to hear the players. If for any reason this still does not resolve the issue, just play the game.
There will be a limit of 3 back-outs, the fourth attempt must be played no matter what happens. This includes any of the following:
If either the ANY or the GK lags out during the first half AFTER the 10th minute of play the club which lost the player has the option to back out at half time. If it is any other player the team will proceed to finish the game (UNLESS THE FOLLOWING HAPPENS)
If a team has 5 or fewer players remaining because of lag-outs after the 10th minute of game play, the team has the option to back-out at half time. If this occurs the teams will only play one half of the next game. If this situation occurs during the second half, the teams will finish the match.
If a team does not establish communication between owners and does not accept game invites up to 15 mins past the schedule game time it will be a forfeit for the team who did not accept the invite. 
If a team backs out after the 10th minute it ill be considered a forfeit. If any of the above happens just simply follow the guidelines to back out at half time and finish one half of the next match. So whatever you do... DO NOT BACK OUT AFTER THE 10TH MINUTE!
Backouts – Goals 
Any and ALL goals scored while a team is backing out will be recorded over to the start of the next game. To ensure you do not have a goal scored against you kick the ball way away from danger before attempting to backout. The last person to backout will be the owner/am present during the match to maintain integrity (in case an opposing team claims to have scored when they actually haven’t before you backout)

6.13 Each team will have 15 minutes past the starting game time. If a team is past the 15 minutes then it will be considered an automatic forfeit. The only time an exception will be made is if a league official is notified that there is an issue beyond a teams control. For example a game ran long, and they need extra time due to the first game start time is delayed, another example would be if a player or a group of players is having a system issue. If that is the case a league official admin or above needs to be notified. If not the other team can claim a forfeit, and it will be granted without any question.

6.14  ALL Traits Glitch is prohibited in the league if found playing in any official EGGF game the player will be atomically banned from the league. 

6.15  Rescheduling Games for Conflicts in Other Leagues - If an owner wishes to reschedule a game because of a conflicting game time with another league, then the following MUST BE DONE at least 48 hours prior to the conflicted game time: A message must be sent on the website from the requesting owner to the opposing team's OWNER, all ASSISTANT MANAGERS, and EGG Gator and ALL STAFF stating that you are requesting a reschedule due to a conflict with a game in another league. IMPORTANT NOTE: EGGF teams who show up at EGGF game times will not be punished if they are unable to make a later reschedule time. The reschedule game MUST TAKE PLACE THE SAME DAY as the scheduled league game. Whether the other owner agreed to reschedule or not, if the game does not get played the team who requested the reschedule to accommodate the other league will give up the forfeit win. Our obligation is to the Elite Global Gaming Football and this rule accomplishes that. So, you may reschedule but you run the risk of a forfeit.    

6.16 If you have an issue with a game or something happens that you have a dispute about within a game. That needs to be brought to staff immediately. If it is not brought to staff within that game night then staff cannot do anything to assist the team that has an issue. Our stats system has a time period that restricts changes to games and stats so it is very important that you let someone from staff know immediately.  

7.1         Unfortunately, there are times when it becomes necessary for disciplinary action to be taken against players. This section explains that process and the player's rights.

7.2        The staff member responsible for overseeing player discipline is the Vice Presidents of the Elite Global Gaming Football.  . Once a decision is made and a punishment is agreed upon, then Vice president will contact the player in question to inform them of the Vice President's decision.

7.3              New this season is a player's right to appeal.  If a player feels like the punishment received is unfair, they have the right to request an appeal from the Vice President's ruling  This appeal will be heard by the EGG President and two of your own peers that will be randomly chosen. Who have not been involved in the matter.  Upon hearing from the player, the group may choose to uphold the Vice President's decision, reduce the punishment, or dismiss the infraction. We added this new layer to try and be fair to all players!

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